About Me

Blogger, baker, and wedding cake maker-- that's me! 

In short (and I mean *very* short-- I could say many things, but I shan't keep you that long), I own a cake decorating company (Silver Spoon Cakes), and I keep 4 blogs - this one, A Cake BlogA Photo Blog, and a just regular old, "This is what I think about" kind of blog.

I am the fifth oldest in a family of 12, a home school graduate, and a lover of little things; like the sound of the rain falling in the spring, the taste of fresh strawberries in the summer, the smell of bread baking in the fall, and the sight of small children with chubby, rosey cheeks in the winter. 

Also, I love tea and coffee.  Did I mention that?  These are daily occurrences, yet they somehow never cease to thrill the socks off of me.

I love pictures, I love people, and I love fairy tales... But most of all, I love my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  

It is a pleasure of mine to share of life's little joys with you through blogging; thank you for taking the time to enjoy them with me.